Autoepistemic limitation and the brain’s neural code Comment on “Neuroontology, neurobiological naturalism, and consciousness: A challenge to scientific reduction and a solution” by Todd E. Feinberg
Georg Northoff
Physics of Life Reviews

Common brain activations for painful and non-painful aversive stimuli
Dave J. Hayes, Georg Northoff
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Culture modulates brain activity during empathy with anger
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Dissociation Between Anterior and Posterior Cortical Regions During Self-Specificity and Familiarity: A Combined fMRI–Meta-Analytic Study
Pengmin Qin, Yijun Liu, Jinfu Shi, Yuzhi Wang, Niall W. Duncan, Qiyong Gong, Xuchu Weng, Georg Northoff
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Distinction between externally vs. internally guided decision-making: operational differences, meta-analytical comparisons and their theoretical implications
Takashi Nakao, Hideki Ohira, Georg Northoff
Frontiers in Neuroscience

From emotions to consciousness - a neuro-phenomenal and neuro-relational approach
Georg Northoff
Frontiers in Psychology

GABA(A) receptors in visual and auditory cortex and neural activity changes during basic visual stimulation
Pengmin Qin, Niall W. Duncan, Christine Wiebking, Paul Gravel, Oliver Lyttelton, Dave J. Hayes, Jaroen Verhaeghe, Alexey Kostikov, Ralf Shirrmacher, Andrew J. Reader, Georg Northoff
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Glutamate modulates resting state activity in the perigenual anterior cingulate cortex - a combined fMRI-MRS study
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Immanuel Kant's mind and the brain's resting state
Georg Northoff
Trends in Cognitive Sciences

Interoceptive Awareness Enhances Neural Activity During Empathy
Jutta Ernst, Georg Northoff, Heinz Boker, Eirch Seifritz, Simone Grimm
Human Brain Mapping

Is There a Valence-Specific Pattern in Emotional Conflict in Major Depressive Disorder? An Exploratory Psychological Study
Zhiguo Hu, Hongyan Liu, Xuchu Weng, Georg Northoff
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Neural correlates of a single-session massage treatment
D. Sliz, A. Smith, C. Wiebking, G. Northoff, S. Hayley
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Neural substrates underlying intentional empathy
Moritz de Greck, Gang Wang, Xuedong Yang, Xiaoying Wang, Georg Northoff, Shihui Han
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Personality Functioning and the Cortical Midline Structures - An Exploratory fMRI Study
Stephan Doering, Bjorn Enzi, Cornelis Faber, Jens Hinrichs, Judith Bahmer, Georg Northoff
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Psychoanalysis and the brain - why did Freud abandon neuroscience
Georg Northoff
Frontiers in Psychology