A Cultural Neuroscience Approach to the Biosocial Nature of the Human Brain
Shihui Han, Georg Northoff, Kai Vogeley, Bruce E. Wexler, Shinobu Kitayama, Michael E.W. Varnum
Annual Review of Psychology

Culture modulates brain activity during empathy with anger
Moritz de Greck, Zhenhao Shi, Gang Wang, Xiangyu Zuo, Xuedong Yang, Xiaoying Wang, Georg Northoff, Shihui Han

Culture‑sensitive neural substrates of human cognition: a transcultural neuroimaging approach
Shihui Han, Georg Northoff
Nature Neuroscience

Humans, Brains, and Their Environment: Marriage between Neuroscience and Anthropology?
Georg Northoff

The trans-species core SELF: The emergence of active cultural and neuro-ecological agents through self-related processing within subcortical-cortical midline networks
Jaak Panksepp, Georg Northoff
Consciousness and Cognition

Understanding the self: a cultural neuroscience approach
Shihui Han, Georg Northoff
Progress in Brain Research