April 8 & 9

World Congress of Brain, Behaviour and Emotions Montreal, QC
The Frontiers of the Human Mind: What makes us so special and unique

May 23

APS (Association for Psychological Science) Annual Convention
 San Francisco, CA
 The “I” and “Me” revisited and related: Neuroscience insights into self functions, self
 representations and  their interactions

May 28-29

Intl Symposium on Psychology and Religion
Zhejiang University, China

May 30-31

42° Congress Italian Society of Medical Psychotherapy
Bologna, Italy
Psychotherapy and Brain Imaging

June 6

University of Milan - Department of Philosophy
Milan Italy
Philosophy and the Brain: Do we need a non-reductive Neurophilosophy?

November 7

University of Bologna - Department of Psychology
Bologna, Italy
La Plasticita del Se (The Plasticity of the Self)