Are Q-Memories Empirically Realistic?
Georg Northoff
Philosophical Psychology

Brain Imaging in Catatonia
Georg Northoff
CNS Spectrums

Delayed onset of late movement-related cortical potentials and abnormal response to lorazepam in catatonia
G. Northoff, A. Pfennig, M. Krug, P. Danos, A. Leschinger, A. Schwartz, B. Bogerts
Schizophrenia Research

Die Rekonstruktion der Sprachlosigkeit
Heinz Boeker, Georg Northoff, Cynthia Lenz, Cordula von Schmeling, Andrea Eppel, Fabian Hartling, Heike Will, Gunther Lempa, Mathias Meier, Daniel Hell
Psychiatrische Praxis

Functional Dissociation between Median and Lateral Prefrontal Cortical Spatiotemporal Activation in Negative and Positive Emotions: A Combined fMRI/MEG Study
Georg Northoff, Andre Richter, Matthias Gessner, Florian Schlagenhauf, Jurgen Fell, Frank Baumgart, Thomas Kaulisch, Rolf Kotter, Klaas E. Stephan, Andreas Leschinger, Tilman Hagner, Bela Bargel, Thomas Witzel, Hermann Hinrichs, Bernhard Bogerts, Henning Scheich, Hans-Jochen Heinze
Cerebral Cortex

Personality and object relations in patients with affective disorders: idiographic research by means of the repertory grid technique
H. Boeker, D. Hell, K. Budischewski, A. Eppel, F. Hartling, H. Rinnert, F. von Schmeling, H. Will, F. Schoeneich, G. Northoff
Journal of Affective Disorders

Reconstruction of mutism. Studies of subjective experiences of former patients with the modified Landfield categories (Deutsch)
H. Boeker, G. Northoff, C. Lenz, C. von Schmeling, A. Eppel, F. Hartling, H. Will, G. Lempa, M. Meier, D. Hell
Psychiatrische Praxis

Right lower prefronto-parietal cortical dysfunction in akinetic catatonia: a combined study of neuropsychology and regional cerebral blood flow
G. Northoff, R. Steinke, D. Nagel, C. Czerwenka, O. Grosser, P. Danos, A. Genz, R. Krause, H. Boeker, H.J. Otto, B. Bogerts
Psychological Medicine

Self concept and object relations of patients with affective disorders--individual centered diagnosis with the repertory-grid technique
H. Boeker, K. Budischewski, A. Eppel, F. Hartling, J. Rinnert, C. von Schmeling, H. Will, G. Northoff, F. Schoeneich
Psychotherapie, Psychosomatik, Medizinische Psychologie

Wirkungen von Aktivierungsaufgaben bei akuter neuroleptikainduzierter Akathisie
O. Gruber, G. Northoff, B. Pflug