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Are Auditory Hallucinations Related to the Brain’s Resting State Activity? A 
‘Neurophenomenal Resting State Hypothesis’

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Functional Connectivity and Neuronal Variability of Resting State Activity in Bipolar Disorder—
Reduction and Decoupling in Anterior Cortical Midline Structures

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Neural overlap between resting state and self-relevant activity in human subcallosal
cingulate cortex e Single unit recording in an intracranial study

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Do cortical midline variability and low frequency fluctuations mediate William James’ ‘‘Stream of Consciousness’’? ‘‘Neurophenomenal Balance Hypothesis’’ of ‘‘Inner Time

Georg Northoff
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How Is Our Self Altered in Psychiatric Disorders? A Neurophenomenal Approach to
Psychopathological Symptoms

Georg Northoff

The Relationship of Self-Relatedness and Emotional Processing
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Resting State Activity and the “Stream of Consciousness” in Schizophrenia—
Neurophenomenal Hypotheses

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Linear noise approximation for oscillations in a stochastic inhibitory network with delay
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The brain's intrinsic activity and inner time consciousness in schizophrenia
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