Neuroscience and Whitehead I: Neuro-ecological Model of Brain
Georg Northoff

Decoupled temporal variability and signal synchronization of spontaneous brain activity in loss of consciousness: An fMRI study in anesthesia
Z. Huang, J. Zhang, J. Wu, P. Qin, X. Wu, Z. Wang, R. Dai, Y. Li, W. Liang, Y. Mao, Z. Yang, J. Zhang, A. Wolff, G. Northoff

Methodological problems on the way to integrative human neuroscience
B Kotchoubey, F Tretter, H Braun, T Buchheim, A Draguhn, T Fuchs, F Hasler, H Hastedt, T Hinterberger, G Northoff, I Rentschler, S Schleim, S Sellmaier, L Tebartz Van Elst, W Tschacher

How do abnormalities in the brain's spontaneous activity translate into symptoms in schizophrenia?  From an overview of resting state activity findings to a proposed spatiotemporal psychopathology
Progress in Neurobiology
G. Northoff, NW Duncan

Deutsche Version der Northoff Catatonia Rating Scale (NCRS-dv): Ein validiertes Messinstrument zur Erfassung katatoner Symptome
D. Hirjak, P. A. Thomann, G. Northoff, K. M. Kubera, R. C.Wolf

The Trajectory of Self
Trends in Cognitive Science
Timothy Lane, Niall W. Duncan, Tony Cheng, Georg Northoff

Is Anorexia Nervosa a Disorder of the Self? A Psychological Approach
Frontiers in Psychology
Federico Amianto, Georg Northoff, Giovanni Abbate Daga, Secondo Fassino and Giorgio A. Tasca

Auditory Hallucinations and the Brain’s Resting-State Networks: Findings and Methodological Observations
Schizophrenia Bulletin
Ben Alderson-Day, Kelly Diederen, Charles Fernyhough, Judith M. Ford, Guillermo Horga, Daniel S. Margulies, Simon McCarthy-Jones, Georg Northoff, James M. Shine, Jessica Turner, Vincent van de Ven, Remko van Lutterveld, Flavie Waters, and Renaud Jardri

Self, cortical midline structures and the resting state: Implications for Alzheimer’s disease
Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews
Marina Weilera, Georg Northoff, Benito Pereira Damasceno, Marcio Luiz Figueredo Balthazar

Integrative Processing of Touch and Affect in Social Perception: An fMRI Study
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
Sjoerd J. H. Ebisch, Anatolia Salone, Giovanni Martinotti, Leonardo Carlucci, Dante Mantini, Mauro G. Perrucci, Aristide Saggino, Gian Luca Romani, Massimo Di Giannantonio1, Georg Northoff and Vittorio Gallese

How to Link Brain and Experience? Spatiotemporal Psychopathology of the Lived Body
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
Georg Northoff and Giovanni Stanghellini

Neuroscience and Whitehead I: Neuro-ecological Model of Brain
Georg Northoff

Neuroscience and Whitehead II: Process-Based Ontology of Brain
Georg Northoff

Contrasting variability patterns in the default mode and sensorimotor networks balance in bipolar depression and mania
Matteo Martinoa, Paola Magioncaldaa, Zirui Huang, Benedetta Conioa, Niccolò Piaggioc, Niall W. Duncand, Giulio Rocchi, Andrea Escelsior, Valentina Marozzi, Annemarie Wolff, Matilde Inglese, Mario Amorea, and Georg Northoff

Patterns of microstructural white matter abnormalities and their impact on cognitive dysfunction in the various phases of type I bipolar disorder
Journal of Affective Disorders
Paola Magioncalda, Matteo Martino, Benedetta Conio, Niccolò Piaggio, Roxana Teodorescu, Andrea Escelsior, Valentina Marozzi, Giulio Rocchi, Luca Roccatagliata, Georg Northoff, Matilde Inglese, Mario Amore

The temporal structure of resting-state brain activity in the medial prefrontal cortex predicts self-consciousness
Zirui Huang, NatsuhoObara, Henry(Hap)Davis IV, Johanna Pokorny, Georg Northoff

How do resting state changes in depression translate into psychopathological symptoms? From ‘Spatiotemporal correspondence’ to ‘Spatiotemporal Psychopathology’
Current Opinion in Psychiatry
Georg Northoff

Differential Alterations of Resting-State Functional Connectivity in Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder
Human Brain Mapping
Huiru Cui, Jie Zhang, Yicen Liu, Qingwei Li, Hui Li, Lanlan Zhang, Qiang Hu, Wei Cheng, Qiang Luo, Jianqi Li, Wei Li, Jijun Wang, Jianfeng Feng, Chunbo Li, Georg Northoff

Implicit and Explicit Routes to Recognize the Own Body: Evidence from Brain Damaged Patients
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
Michela CandiniMarina FarinelliFrancesca FerriStefano AvanziDaniela CevolaniVittorio GalleseGeorg Northoff, Francesca Frassinetti

Temporal limits on rubber hand illusion reflect individuals' temporal resolution in multisensory perception
Marcello Constantini, Jeffrey Robinson, Daniele Migliorati, Brunella Donno, Francesca Ferri, Georg Northoff

Post-response βγ power predicts the degree of choice-based learning in internally guided decision-making
Scientific Reports
Takashi Nakao, Noriaki Kanayama, Kentaro Katahira, Misaki Odani, Yosuke Ito, Yuki Hirata, Reika Nasuno, Hanako Ozaki, Ryosuke Hiramoto, Makoto Miyatani & Georg Northoff

Emotional Burden, Quality of Life, and Coping Styles in Care Givers of Patients with Disorders of Consciousness Living in Italy: Preliminary Data.
Brain Impairment
Caterina Romaniello, Chiara Simoni, Marina Farinelli, Erik Bertoletti, Vincenzo Pedone, Georg Northoff.

Is the self a higher-order or fundamental function of the brain? The “basis model of self-specificity” and its encoding by the brain’s spontaneous activity.
Cognitive Neuroscience
Georg Northoff.

Spatiotemporal psychopathology I: No rest for the brain’s resting state activity in depression? Spatiotemporal psychopathology of depressive symptoms.
Journal of Affective Disorders
Georg Northoff.

Spatiotemporal Psychopathology II: How does a psychopathology of the brain’s resting state look like? Spatiotemporal approach and the history of psychopathology.
Journal of Affective Disorders
Georg Northoff.

Spontaneous activity in default-mode network predicts ascription of self-relatedness to stimuli.
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience
Pengmin Qin, Simone Grimm, Niall W Duncan, Yan Fan, Zirui Huang, Timothy Lane, Xuchu Weng, Malek Bajbouj, Georg Northoff.