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Georg Northoff

Who am I: The conscious and the unconscious self
Michael Schaefer and Georg Northoff

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The brain's spontaneous activity and its psychopathological symptoms – “Spatiotemporal binding and integration”.
Georg Northoff.

“Paradox of slow frequencies” – Are slow frequencies in upper cortical layers a neural predisposition of the level/state of consciousness (NPC)?
Georg Northoff.

Personal Identity and Cortical Midline Structure (CMS): Do Temporal Features of CMS Neural Activity Transform Into “Self-Continuity”
Georg Northoff.

What Neuroscience and Neurophilosophy Can Tell Us About the Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation on the Self.
Georg Northoff.

How do the brain’s time and space mediate consciousness and its different dimensions? Temporo-spatial theory of consciousness (TTC).
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