Affective Judgment and Beneficial Decision Making: Ventromedial Prefrontal Activity Correlates With Performance in the Iowa Gambling Task
Georg Northoff, Simone Grimm, Heinz Boeker, Conny Schmidt, Felix Bermpohl, Alexander Heinzel, Daniel Hell, Peter Boesiger
Human Brain Mapping

Common brain activations for painful and non-painful aversive stimuli
Dave J. Hayes, Georg Northoff
BMC Neuroscience

Decreased Neural Activity in Reward Circuitry During Personal Reference in Abstinent Alcoholics – A fMRI Study
Moritz de Greck, Alexander Supady, Rene Thiemann, Claus Tempelmann, Bernhard Bogerts, Lukas Forschner, Klaus v. Ploetz, Georg Northoff
Human Brain Mapping

Decreased Neuronal Activity in Reward Circuitry of Pathological Gamblers During Processing of Personal Relevant Stimuli
Moritz de Greck, Bjorn Enzi, Ulrike Prosch, Ana Gantman, Claus Tempelmann, Georg Northoff
Human Brain Mapping

Delineating self-referential processing from episodic memory retrieval: Common and dissociable networks
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Differential neural manifestations of two slow frequency bands in resting fMRI: A systemtic survey at regional, inter-regional, and network levels
Shao-Wei Xue, Da Li, Xu-Chu Weng, Georg Northoff, Dian-Wen Li
Brain Connectivity

Differential effects of low-frequency rTMS at the occipital pole on visual-induced alpha desynchronization and visual-evoked potentials
G. Thut, H. Theoret, A. Pfennig, J. Ives, F. Kampmann, G. Northoff, A. Pascual-Leone

Differential modulation of valence and arousal in high-alexithymic and low-alexithymic individuals
Alexander Heinzel, Ralf Schafer, Hans-Wilhelm Muller, Andre Schieffer, Ariane Ingenhag, Georg Northoff, Matthias Franz, Hubertus
Motivation, Emotion, Feeding, Drinking

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G. Thut, G. Northoff, J.R. Ives, Y. Kamitani, A. Pfennig, F. Kampmann, D.L. Schomer, A. Pascual-Leone
Clinical Neurophysiology

Functional Dissociation between Median and Lateral Prefrontal Cortical Spatiotemporal Activation in Negative and Positive Emotions: A Combined fMRI/MEG Study
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Cerebral Cortex

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Niall W. Duncan, Christine Wiebking, Zeidy Munoz-Torres, Georg Northoff
Journal of Neuroscience Methods

Identifying a network of brain regions involved in aversion-related processing: a cross-species translational investigation
Dave J. Hayes, Georg Northoff
Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience

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Cuiping Yuan, Zhiqiang Zhang, Zhengge Wang, Wei Liao, Guanghui Chen, Georg Northoff, Guangming Lu
Neuroscience Letters

Increased Activation of the Supragenual Anterior Cingulate Cortex during Visual Emotional Processing in Male Subjects with High Degrees of Alexithymia: An Event-Related fMRI Study
Alexander Heinzel, Ralf Schafer, Hans-Wilhelm Muller, Andre Schieffer, Ariane Ingenhag, Simon B. Eickhoff, Georg Northoff, Matthias Franz, Hubertus Hautzel
Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics

Left prefrontal repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation impairs performance in affective go/no-go task
Felix Bermpohl, Felipe Fregni, Paulo S. Boggio, Gregor Thut, Georg Northoff, Patricia T.M. Otachi, Sergio P. Rigonatti, Marco A. Marcolin, Alvaro Pascual-Leone|

Medial prefrontal cortex–dorsal anterior cingulate cortex connectivity during behavior selection without an objective correct answer
Takashi Nakao, Takahiro Osumi, Hideki Ohira, Yukinori Kasuya, Jun Shinoda, Jitsuhiro Yamada, Georg Northoff
Neuroscience Letters

Multi-level network modeling of cortical dynamics built on the GENESIS environment
J. D. Johnsen, P. Nielsen, H.J. Luhmann, G. Northoff, R. Kotter

Personality Functioning and the Cortical Midline Structures - An Exploratory fMRI Study
Stephan Doering, Bjorn Enzi, Cornelis Faber, Jens Hinrichs, Judith Bahmer, Georg Northoff
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Region-Based Approach versus Mechanism-Based Approach to the Brain
Georg Northoff

Resting State fMRI: Review of Neurosurgical Applications
Lang, S, Duncan, N, Northoff, G

Self processing in the brain: A paradigmatic fMRI case study with a professional singer
Zaytseva, Y., Gutyrchik, E., Bao, Y., Poppel, E., Han, S., Weiker, L., Meindl, T., Blautzik, J.
Brain and Cognition

Subjektives Erleben und neuronale Integration im Gehirn: Benötigen wir eine Erste−Person−Neurowissenschaft? / Subjective Experience and Neuronal Integration in the Brain: Do We Need a First−Person Neuroscience?
G. Northoff, H. Boeker, B. Bogerts
Fortschritte der Neurologie-Psychiatrie

Subjektives Erleben von Patienten mit akuter neuroleptika - induzierter Akathisie
O.  Gruber, G.  Northoff, B.  Pflug
Fortschritte der Neurologie-Psychiatrie

The neuroanatomy of asomatognosia and somatoparaphrenia
Todd E. Feinberg, Annalena Venneri, Anna Maria Simone, Yan Fan, Georg Northoff
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry

Unlocking the Brain: Volume 1: Coding
Georg Northoff
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Wirkungen von Aktivierungsaufgaben bei akuter neuroleptikainduzierter Akathisie
O. Gruber, G. Northoff, B. Pflug

Zur Symptomatologie der Akathisie
H. Dech, G. Northoff
Fortschritte der Neurologie-Psychiatrie