Abnormal body perception and neural activity in the insula in depression: An fMRI study of the depressed “material me”
Christine Wiebking, Andre Bauer, Moritz de Greck, Niall W. Duncan, Claus Tempelmann, Georg Northoff
The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry

Altered Negative BOLD Responses in the Default-Mode Network during Emotion Processing in Depressed Subjects
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Attentional modulation of emotional stimulus processing in patients with major depression—Alterations in prefrontal cortical regions
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Depression and the Brain’s Input: Intrinsic Brain Activity and Difference-based Coding
Georg Northoff

Desymbolisierung in der schweren Depression und das Problem der Hemmung: Ein neuropsychoanalytisches Modell der Störung des emotionalen Selbstbezugs Depressiver
Heinz Boeker, Georg Northoff

Die Entkopplung des Selbst in der Depression: Empirische Befunde und neuropsychodynamische Hypothesen
Georg Northoff, Heinz Boker
Depression Neue psychoanalytische Erkundungen einer Zeitkrankheit

Discovering imaging endophenotypes of major depression
G. Hasler, G. Northoff
Molecular Psychiatry

Effect of low-frequency transcranial magnetic stimulation on an affective go/no-go task in patients with major depression: Role of stimulation site and depression severity
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Gene, brains, and environment—genetic neuroimaging of depression
Georg Northoff
Current Opinion in Neurobiology

Imbalance between Left and Right Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex in Major Depression Is Linked to Negative Emotional Judgment: An fMRI Study in Severe Major Depressive Disorder
Simone Grimm, Johannes Beck, Daniel Schuepbach, Daniel Hell, Peter Boesiger, Felix Bermpohl, Ludwig Niehuas, Heinz Boeker, Georg Northoff
Biological Psychiatry

Increased Self-Focus in Major Depressive Disorder Is Related to Neural Abnormalities in Subcortical-Cortical Midline Structures
Simone Grimm, Jutta Ernst, Peter Boesiger, Daniel Schuepbach, Daniel Hell, Heinz Boeker, Georg Northoff
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Is There a Valence-Specific Pattern in Emotional Conflict in Major Depressive Disorder? An Exploratory Psychological Study
Zhiguo Hu, Hongyan Liu, Xuchu Weng, Georg Northoff
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Neurobiologische Grundlagen depressiver Syndrome / Neurobiological Basis of Depressive Disorders
C. Stoppel, H. Bielau, B. Bogerts, G. Northoff
Neurobiologische Grundlagen Depressiver Syndrome

Personality and object relations in patients with affective disorders: idiographic research by means of the repertory grid technique
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Psychopathology and pathophysiology of the self in depression — Neuropsychiatric hypothesis
Georg Northoff
Journal of Affective Disorders

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Reduced negative BOLD responses in the default-mode network and increased self-focus in depression
Simone Grimm, Jutta Ernst, Peter Boesiger, Daniel Schuepbach, Heinz Boeker, Georg Northoff
The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry

SEEKING and depression in stroke patients: an exploratory study
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Segregated neural representation of psychological and somatic-vegetative symptoms in severe major depression
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Serum levels of amitriptyline and therapeutic effect in non-delusional moderately to severely depressed in-patients
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The Relationship Between Aberrant Neuronal Activation in the Pregenual Anterior Cingulate, Altered Glutamatergic Metabolism, and Anhedonia in Major Depression
Martin Walter, Anke Henning, Simone Grimm, Rolf F. Schulte, Johannes Beck, Ulrike Dydak, Betina Schnepf, Heinz Boeker, Peter Boesiger, Georg Northoff
Archives of General Psychiatry